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Rwanda 1994
  • Rwanda 1994
    Rwanda 1994. Mariapia Fanfani gives the country its first drinkable water after the genocide.
  • Afghanistan 2002
    Afghanistan, January 2002. Mariapia Fanfani presents to the mayor of Kandahar the first humanitarian aid to arrive in the city.
  • Afghanistan 2002
    Afghanistan 2002, in the hospital in Kandahar.
  • Afghanistan 2002
    Afghanistan 2002, camp with refugees.
  • Afghanistan 2002
    Afghanistan 2002, Kabul, distribution of gifts with the Italian Army.
  • Afghanistan 2002
    Afghanistan. An orphanage in Kabul.
  • Bangladesh
    Bangladesh, aid for the victims of the most violent cyclone of the 20th century.
  • Eritrea
    Eritrea, pediatric hospital in Asmara.
  • Eritrea
    Eritrea, war veteran.
  • Eritrea
    Eritrea, a pediatric hospital in Asmara.
  • Pakistan 1989
    Pakistan 1989, Afghan refugee camp.
  • Ethiopia 1992
    Ethiopia 1992, refugee camps.
  • San Camillo Hospital, Rome
    San Camillo Hospital, Rome: Christmas gifts for the sick children.
  • Kosovo
    Flying over Kosovo.
  • Kosovo
    Kosovo, with Peacekeeping Italian Forces.
  • Kosovo
    Kosovo, with children, future of Country.
  • Kosovo
    Kosovo. Solidarity in person.
  • Ship of Peace 1
    Mariapia Fanfani on the Ship of Peace 1.
  • Pakistan 2002
    Pakistan, Karachi 2002, unloading aid for Afghanistan.
  • Turkey 1991
    In Turkish Kurdistan to help the Kurds who fled the Iraq of Saddam Hussein.
  • Romania 1990
    Romania 1990, Mariapia Fanfani brought a train full of humanitarian aid to the country recently freed from the dictatorship of Ceaucescu.
  • Moscow 1990
    Moscow 1990, the aid is always distributed personally.
  • Rwanda 1994
    1994. The rescue of 155 children from the genocide in Rwanda.
  • Madrid 1991.
    Madrid 1991. Awarding of the Peace Prize of the Together for Peace Foundation to Giovanni Agnelli.
  • Mozambico
    In Mozambique devastated by the cyclone, Eline.
  • Mozambico.
    In Mozambique devastated by the cyclone, Eline.
  • 1975 Mariapia Fanfani with Amintore Fanfani
    Mariapia Fanfani with Amintore Fanfani at the time of their marriage (1975).
  • Aid
    Aid for the nuns of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
  • Photograph of Mariapia Fanfani.
    Photograph of Mariapia Fanfani.
  • Turkey
    In the turkish Kurdistan.
  • Rwanda 2003
    Rwanda 2003, commemoration of the genocide.
  • Rwanda
    Rwanda, refugee camp in Kibeho.
  • Rwanda
    Mariapia Fanfani with General Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda.
  • Lithuania
    In Lithuania to celebrate “Father Ice”.
  • Crew of the C130 of the 42nd Brigade of Pisa
    Mariapia Fanfani with the crew of the C130 of the 42nd Brigade of Pisa as it unloads aid for the Somali refugees.
  • Beslan
    With the people of Beslan.
  • Earthquake in Italy
    Victims of the earthquake in the Marche region express their thanks.
  • 1991, Leaving for Sarajevo.
    1991, Leaving for Sarajevo.
  • Ghibuti
    In Ghibuti with the disinherited.
  • Italy 1993
    Italy 1993, helps to the elderly
  • Aids
    Helping the poorest.
  • Ship of peace 1
    Ship of peace 1.
  • 1986 Nave della pace 1
    Mariapia Fanfani waves farewell to her first Ship of Peace (1986).
  • Africa 1986
    Africa 1986, Makale, during the great drought.
  • Photograph of Mariapia Fanfani
    Photograph of Mariapia Fanfani.
  • Order of Malta
    Mariapia Fanfani under the flag of the Order of Malta.
  • Earthquake in Algeria
    Helping the earthquake victims.
  • Sempre insieme per la pace.
  • With the mayor of Bethlehem.
    With the mayor of Bethlehem.
  • Somaliland
    In Somaliland (Independent Republic of Northern Somalia).
  • Benhazir Bhutto
    Karachi 1989, awarding of Together for Peace Foundation to Benhazir Bhutto.
  • Rajiv Gandhi
    New Delhi 1989, with Rajiv Gandhi.

Rwanda 1994